Good Fortune: The Buzzy New Restaurant Opens in Botanical Heights

Dubbed “New American Chinese,” Good Fortune in Botanical Heights elevates the popular cuisine and gives diners the artfully crafted, farm-to-table version. Innovative touches are everywhere, with a heavy emphasis on takeout and a concept that showcases a true melding of fried rice and punk rock. Plus, it’s impossible to forget the phone number: 314-RANGOON.

Helmed by Corey Smale, former proprietor of the wildly popular Strange Donuts, and chef Ryan McDonald, the team also enlisted the help of many talented local chefs, including sous chef Matt Wynn, who spent the last five years cooking at Hearth Restaurant in New York City.

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Menu favorites include the chicken and radish dish, served with white shoyu and rice, as well as the hefty vegetarian dish Mapo Doufu, made with local Mofu soy tofu, Sichuan fermented bean sauce, chilis, mustard greens and rice. Meat-lovers will enjoy the beef and brassica dish, made with red-braised beef, broccoli, beef jus and white rice. Try them with the shu mai pork dumplings and salted cod rangoons.

Good Fortune
1641 Tower Grove Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri, 63110

Images courtesy of Good Fortune.

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