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A St. Louis designer elevates faux leather with the debut of Fauxgerty.


Passionate about dispelling the myth that faux leather clothing is second-best to the real thing, St. Louis native Chrissy Fogerty decided to launch Fauxgerty to create a sleek, vegan update to the modern motorcycle jacket. She took the design reins and brought on graphic artist Meg Ebaugh-Faris, and the two combined their skills in art and fashion to produce Fauxgerty’s first collection of vegan leather jackets, which debuted last November.

The fashion venture aims to revise common faux-leather perceptions by infusing their line with quality and design details that stand out from its counterparts. She concentrated on perfecting the elevated design of the vegan motorcycle-jacket-that-could by ensuring that each piece is crafted from the finest faux—designed locally and hand-sewn in New York.

Her first collection launched Nov. 21 at Bissinger’s in the Central West End. Attended by St. Louis notables and editors, the event showcased “The Primary Collection.” Not just a play on words, the title collection also displays an intellectual approach to design, incorporating both creativity and deconstructed femininity with an emphasis on representing human emotions by deliberately selecting colors. The most basic color spectrum is where Fauxgerty’s story begins. Black is classic and mysterious; blue is both somber and peaceful; red implies passion and courage. Fogerty’s collection expands with gray, which stands for safety and stability, while mustard represents spontaneity and optimism.

Even the smallest details are taken into account: The linear-patterned lining was carefully designed and then sourced to a screen printer that shared Fauxgerty’s quality standard. “Primary” is embossed in Morse code on the upper right shoulder of each jacket—a unique brand signifier that creatively authenticates each piece.

The result is an intellectual and ethically conscious view of a not-so-basic wardrobe necessity. Fogerty and Ebaugh-Faris are planning to release another collection of vegan jackets later this year in a new style before expanding their collection to include other garments.

But first—and fresh up for spring 2015—is another twist on the classic: Ebaugh-Faris will be applying her own artistic talent by hand-painting art directly on Fauxgerty’s jackets.

The Fauxgerty line is available for purchase on fauxgerty.com.




Photo credit: Courtesy of Fauxgerty

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