Get To Know The Luminary On Cherokee Street

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A must-visit for locals and out-of-towners alike, at first glance The Luminary appears to be a gallery space—which it is, in part. But it is also an invaluable arts nonprofit and incubator space for innovative concepts and creations in the arts which may never have seen the light of day without the support of this nonprofit.

Their space in St. Louis’ Cherokee Street neighborhood is at once light, airy and modern and can be easily transformed into whatever the artist on display deems necessary to showcase her best work. Founded by husband and wife creatives James and Brea McAnally in 2007, The Luminary has solidified itself as the innovative destination spot for artists. Artists may choose to apply to their extraordinary residency program—many travel from across the country and even the world to partake—which offers access to studios, exhibition space, resources, mentorship and exposure. Artists aren’t selected solely on the strength of their CV—the work has to be ambitious.

As The Luminary’s website reads, “Selected participants proposed to rewrite our institutional language, host VR summits on alternative practices, initiate conversations on feminist arts-organizing, and imagine prefigurative forums for art’s funding, creation and circulation,” which gives a sense of the kind of displacement, towards the direction of progress in all its variant forms, that The Luminary seeks to bring about.

The Luminary
2701 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO, 63118

Photo courtesy of The Luminary.

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