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Delicate and feminine lace is a top trend this season, but always in style.


 In fashion, while most trends are fleeting, there are some looks that remain—classic pieces you should love unconditionally, regardless of the year or latest hype. On this list: such iconic pieces as the pearl necklace, the Herme?s Birkin bag, the little black dress and anything lace. This season, with designers incorporating lace into everything from lingerie to evening wear, the popular, peek-a-boo fabric is top of mind. Whether your look is more Madonna, Rihanna or the namesake of fashion’s most coveted handbag (Jane Birkin), you’re sure to find a lace look that fits your fancy. Just be sure to wear a layer underneath; some people shock easily.

clockwise from top right

Glam skirt available at Ivy Hill, Central West End, 314.367.7004.

Hazel camisole available at Ivy Hill, Central West End, 314.367.7004.

BB Dakota skirt available at Mary Jane’s, Central West End, 314.367.8867.

Franchi clutch available at Susan Lynn’s, Town & Country, 636.530.7337.

Jennifer Ouellette headband available at Valerie Mills Fine Apparel, Clayton, 314.727.4545.


238_134.jpgBB Dakota Skirt


274_134.jpgFranchi Clutch


276_134.jpgJennifer Ouellette Headband


Photo credit: Product Photos by Egan O’Keefe

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