Get Resolution Ready

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Stick to your resolutions this year by changing the way you think.


Learn a new language, quit smoking, lose twenty pounds; let’s face it—the act of setting New Year’s resolutions is much easier than sticking to them. Despite good intentions, over half of resolution-setting Americans have lost their resolve or abandoned their goals completely by June. According to Matt Brown, personal trainer and co-owner of Sweat St. Louis, achieving your goals starts with a simple idea—change your mindset. Here, he shares simple strategies for shedding pounds and setting realistic resolutions in 2010.

Change Your Mindset

“Starting with the right mindset is the best way to keep your resolutions, says Brown. “We [Sweat co-owners Jose Ponce and Jamie Mushlin] believe that an optimistic way of thinking and being has unlimited value.” Practicing what they preach, the Sweat owners developed this positive-thinking approach into The Ways of Being Programs. Designed to help develop your ability to choose how you view and react to everyday situations, the program is a nine-month course, divided into three phases, and encourages you to focus on creating a mindset each day—grateful, helpful, confident, creative—which, in turn, creates results.

Re-train Your Brain

“Most people focus on what they do, not who they are,” says Brown. “When you focus your energy on who you are each day, you make better choices, keep your promises and stay on track.” To help clients maintain their new mindset, Brown also created The Mindset Email, a free daily email that sends a mindset tip for the day, which helps sharpen your ability to practice optimistic thinking. Launched about six months ago, the email program already has over 600 subscribers all over the U.S. and has become a powerful tool for those looking to rethink how they live every day. It’s a simple strategy to keep you on track, whether you want to lose weight or learn something new—your actions become aligned with your intentions, and you can accomplish almost anything. For more info on Sweat’s Ways of Being Programs, log on to or or call Sweat, 314.725.2714.




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