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Change the face of mens health with the addition of the almighty moustache.


Ron Burgundy, Magnum PI and Borat are among the few and the proud who rock the moustache year round. Now you can man up and join thousands like them to promote men’s health awareness this “Movember.”

The Reason for the Season The month formerly known as November is gaining momentum as men across the country let their facial hair flow in support of Men’s Health Month. The idea was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 and has been sweeping the globe ever since, raising $174 million for men’s health organizations—and inspiring over 1 million moustaches. The rules are simple: All registered participants must start clean-shaven on Nov. 1 and spend the next 30 days growing and grooming their facial flair while raising money and awareness for the cause. No beards. No goatees. No exceptions. And don’t worry, ladies, the guys aren’t the only ones having the fun. You can support your “Mo Bros” in their quest by sponsoring a team, supporting their efforts and making donations. And although “Mo Sistas” are not required to grow a ‘stache, a little comic relief never hurt anyone.

All joking aside, the state of men’s health around the globe is creating cause for concern. Prostate cancer is diagnosed in more than a quarter of a million men each year, and it claims the lives of more than 33,000—that’s one man every 16 minutes. Movember’s goal is to change that by supporting organizations like LIVESTRONG and The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Local Flavor Now in its eighth year, Movember is making a splash right here in St. Louis. Last year, the city played host to The American Mustache Institute’s annual ‘Stache Bash. This year, the event has moved just a stone’s throw away to Chicago with a blowout event planned for Dec. 1. The Washington University Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau will be sporting the sanchez in support of Movember for its second year. The fraternity joined the movement in 2010 and raised over $1,000 for men’s health initiatives. They’re back at it again this season, tabling on campus and online for donations, with the hope to raise even more money by selling novelty moustaches on campus throughout the month.

Lip sweater not your thing? Workplace not down with the handlebars? No problem. Save some face and sport a custom Movember tee (available through both Threadless and Fuzzy Ink). Moustache cookie cutters, party favors and lip toupees
are also available for the faint of heart.

Man Up, Sign Up It’s not too late to join the cause! Visit to start or sponsor a team, or sign up as an individual. You’ll not only receive tips and tricks for creating moustache magic, but you can learn more about men’s health screenings, and register to win a trip to one of a dozen Movember Galas taking place across the US this December.



‘Stache Attack

‘Stache Attack


Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Movember

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