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The J’s inclusive policy—and habit of picking up the trendiest workouts from out West—are redefining what a community center can be.

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With locations in Chesterfield and Creve Coeur, the Jewish Community Center—or The J—is far more than your standard notion of a community center. It has a lot to boast about: nationally certified trainers, a demonstrated commitment to keeping their facilities state-of-the-art and a dedication to taking the latest and greatest from the West Coast’s fitness hotspots back to clients—democratizing boutique classes for all. Among the spinning, boot camp, interval training and other performance- and results-based fitness workouts, here are a few top picks from each of its two locations.

TRX Suspension Training: The J is outfitted with an ahead-of-the-curve TRX setup. Where many gyms might have one or two straps available, The J has multiple systems installed in the gyms, which are put to use during devoted classes and boot camps—and they’re available for all outside of class settings as well.

R.I.P.P.E.D.: This pre-choreographed, high-in- tensity class “shocks” the body into pushing past plateaus by constantly switching up emphases to keep muscles guessing. It burns approximately 750-1,000 calories in 50 minutes by utilizing free weights, resistance and body weight, as well as intervals, plyometrics and endurance (all set in time to a kick-butt soundtrack, of course).

VIPR Training: The J is one of the only fitness facilities in the city to offer this “loaded movement training,” which optimizes agility and strength by moving the body in “a multitude of purposeful tasks.”

If you’re just starting a serious workout program, or just want a progress report, the facility’s BodyAge® fitness assessment, by Polar, measures your “fitness age” compared to your chronological age. The J is constantly looking for the next big thing, and coming up is heart-rate-based strength training, where clients will optimize workouts for both strength and cardio benefits (after all, why only focus on one?).

The J also gives back to the community: It organizes youth and adult sports leagues, provides meals to low-income and homebound elderly, runs an inclusion program for those with disabilities, provides adult day services and allots more than $600,000 each year to individuals and families so they can utilize The J’s services. A community center? Absolutely—but like nothing you’ve experienced before.

2 Millstone Campus Drive, Creve Coeur
16801 Baxter Road, Chesterfield 

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