Fueling Fashion: An Inside Look At Moxi Enterprises

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For most of us, Moxi Enterprises doesn’t ring a bell, but for St. Louis area designers from Paulie Gibson to Laura Kathleen, they are a major local fashion resource.

moxi enterprise wardrobe

Photo by Sarah Stallmann.

What began as a medical device company, Moxi Enterprises has grown to become one of the city’s greatest, nearly untapped fashion resources. Three years ago, Moxi purchased a locally-based cut-and-sew company that crafted uniforms for a variety of clients in the area.

Quickly, CEO Gregg Garland realized the void in the local market for a place that designers could go for both business advice and manufacturing assistance that was close to home. Starting with select client list that consisted of established designers like Lori Coulter and Paulie Gibson, Moxi proved themselves to be a valuable fashion incubator.

Soon they began working hand-in-hand with a large majority of our local design talent, assisting them in the complex stages of pre-production, pattern digitization, sample making and garment creation. “We are especially designed to begin working with designers who are at any stage inĀ  their career,” says Garland, “You can even walk in here with as little as an idea and we can help.”

Although still in an evolutionary stage, Moxi has developed into a major creative hub utilized by many successful designers of both clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Moxi owns a top-teir cutting machine that in one of very few that are available inside the U.S. Photo by Sarah Stallmann.

Moxi owns a top-tier cutting machine that in one of very few that are available inside the U.S. Photo by Sarah Stallmann.

Their pop-up sale series, TRUNK, transforms their raw and industrial space into an upscale shoppers’ row that features walk-through, designer booth set-ups that provide the latest in locally crafted merchandise. The next TRUNK takes place Thursday, June 26 from 7pm-10pm and will feature 12 local designers and artisans, plus all-local food and beverage options from spots like Sasha’s Wine Bar, Schlafly Beer and more. For more information, and a full list of designers, visit TRUNK on the web.

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