From The Editor: Inside The November Issue

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AndyCohenCoverThe concept of art-meets-fashion is becoming more and more prevalent in St. Louis and beyond, as artists and designers continue to blur the lines between the two worlds. Last year’s “A Queen Within” exhibition at the World Chess Hall of Fame proved what is possible when the worlds of fashion and art collide, and now the Saint Louis Art Museum is exploring the concept through a new avenue with a much-anticipated solo exhibition by Missouri-born artist Nick Cave, whose captivating works span sculpture, fashion, installation and performance.

Cave is most famous for his striking, theatrical Soundsuits—a key component of “Currents 109: Nick Cave” (opening Oct. 31) and the embodiment of art-meets-fashion. Taking the form of wearable sculptures, the suits are composed of fibers, ranging from raffia, hair, yarn and twigs, to items such as buttons, sequins and an array of found objects the artist discovers in flea markets and thrift stores. Before you head to SLAM to view them in person, read our feature story for an exclusive walk-through of the exhibition’s key pieces with Nichole Bridges, SLAM’s associate curator in charge of the Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. From Cave’s inspirations and processes to the selection and installation of each piece, Bridges provides an inside look at one of the biggest art openings of the season.

Our seven Men of Style featured in this issue might not all be artists in the traditional form, but their ability to cultivate a unique sense of personal style is certainly an art. This year’s diverse lineup of stylish men had no trouble showcasing their unique flair through wardrobe choices that ran the gamut from preppy to streetwear and everything in between. Custom pieces, vintage duds and designer items pervaded the looks, expertly styled by Fashion Editor Sarah Stallmann. Don’t forget to check out our Style Notes blog for bonus interviews with each of the men and a behind-the-scenes look at the GQ-inspired photo shoot led by photographer Wesley Law and Art Director Amanda Dampf.

Behind-the-scenes only scratches the surface of how far our cover man Andy Cohen takes you in his latest book, “The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year,” releasing Nov. 11. We caught up with St. Louis’ favorite celebrity host, who returns to town this month in celebration of the book’s release, to dish about his latest projects, St. Louis roots and why “too far” is rarely a phrase in his vocabulary. From life with his dog Wacha (named after St. Louis’ famed Cards pitcher) to what it was really like to document so much of his real life on paper and what “The Andy Cohen Diaries Volume 2” might bring, Cohen (as usual) held nothing back. Let’s just say when someone like Cohen uses the phrase “down and dirty” to describe the tone of his next book, you know he’ll deliver.

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