From the Editor: Inside the March Issue

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FCHaving just come off of New York Fashion Week and looking ahead to Spring Saint Louis Fashion Week (April 23-25), you’d think we at ALIVE would have had our fashion fill—but it’s actually just the opposite. The constant energy on the fashion scene both nationally and locally only fuels the obsession and pushes us to reach new heights in our fashion coverage. Case in point: this month’s fashion editorial, a tribute to Opera Theatre of St. Louis’ world premiere of “Twenty-Seven” in a fashion story told through the eyes of Gertrude Stein’s muse, Alice B. Toklas. Titled “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” after Stein’s memoir of the same name, the fashion editorial showcases the latest in contemporary designers and trends, but through a cultural lens that transcends the boundaries of fashion and art. Special thanks goes to Saks Fifth Avenue’s Tania Beasley-Jolly, who served as Guest Creative Director and lent her time and talents to bring the story of Alice to our fashion pages.

Our Spring Fashion Issue wouldn’t be complete without recognizing the amazing fashion design talent we have right here in St. Louis. On the local fashion front, STL’s top designers are elevating our city on the national scene with new projects, collections and retail placements. STL’s own Emily Koplar of Wai Ming was recently picked up by select Neiman Marcus stores. Meanwhile, Paulie Gibson was worn on Hollywood’s red carpet—not to mention, several local designers will be showcasing their collections at fashion weeks across the country. (Don’t miss our exclusive preview of the Fall 2014 collections of these top local designers and others.)

Of course, even global fashion happenings have their way of touching St. Louis, which is why our Spring 2014 Runway Report is always such a popular read. We’ve pulled together the top trends and must-have pieces, inspired by runways across the globe, and showcased where you can find them in St. Louis. You’ll also find an exclusive interview with London-based shoe designer Sophia Webster, who will unveil her latest collection of wonderfully whimsical footwear to a St. Louis audience at Saks Fifth Avenue this month.

Whether our hilarious cover girl Chelsea Handler is as obsessed with fashion as we are, we’ll never know—we were too busy chatting with the outrageous star about everything else, from her latest European conquests to the celebrities she can’t stand to her undying devotion to vodka. The quick-witted Handler kept us on our toes the entire interview, making us even more excited for her upcoming show at Scottrade Center’s Concert Club on April 12. If Handler’s irreverent interview is any indication, then sign me up to sit front row.

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