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A fusion of passion and profession, modern and vintage, results in a shabby-chic oasis.


When Sara Hentz first laid eyes on the 100-year-old Ladue estate that would become her home in 2006, she couldn’t help but have vision. The successful commerical real esate leaser had big ideas for the traditional farmhouse property, a 3,000 squarefoot main house with a single detached garage. With a little imagination, and the expertise of the ultra-creative Euro Trash design team, she embarked on a mission to create a larger-than-life outdoor pavilion and detached carriage house, featuring the clean lines of modern architecture and vintage details that make a house a home.

Come One, Come All
There’s something for everyone in the Hentz’s carriage house. The modern, open floor plan includes a large living space, kitchenette and work station. French oak-framed mirrors and a frame-free display of antique pressed botanicals welcome guests into the space while antique greenhouse doors [2] offer privacy to the full bath and guest bedroomallowing Hentz to create a high-end space on a “TJ Maxx budget.”

Outdoor Couture
Open to the elements on the West end, the pavilion [1] serves as an open-air extension between the main house and the carriage house. Hentz envisioned the pavilion to be constructed from reclaimed elements, so Euro Trash owner Annie Brahler collected the reclaimed beams, planks and roof sheathing to create the outdoor oasis, as well as the salvaged limestone for the large fireplace. The outdoor kitchen and floor-to-ceiling fireplace add sophistication to the seasonal space. Discarded furniture that Hentz found while working on a project was the finishing touch. With a dash of DIY and pinch of TLC, the outdoor lounge, with designer handbag dust covers as pillows, is the epitome of class and style.

Form & Function
Between their careers and their children’s schoolwork, there was a definite need for dedicated workspace in the Hentz’s blueprints. The custom roject desks [5] were handmade by Euro Trash with reclaimed oad, plumbing conduit and industrial wheels to accomodate the needs of the family at the drop of a hat.

Beauty & The Bedroom
Although the carriage house’s vaulted ceilings with exposed duct work create an industrial feel, the guest room [4], comprised primarily of European elements, is warm and inviting. The raw, unfinished oak flooring is warmed with a chic zebra rug, and the greenhouse doors are flanked with vintage photos of Kurt and Sara Hentz’s parents.

Personal Touch
To preserve their identities in the primarily industrial space, Hentz infused it with personal effects. The work space and cantilevered shelves [3] are filled with old books, vintage posters and photos of her husband from his glory days on the high school football field. The Euro Trash team was even able to repurpose a vintage Dutch filing cabinet to display their collection of National Geographic magazines.

Photos by Bjorn Wallander.
Project recommendation courtesy of Euro Trash, 217.245.9489,



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Photo credit: Bjorn Wallander

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