FORM Opens at The Luminary Tonight

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FORM opens for its fifth annual show tonight, April 24, at The Luminary on Cherokee Street. The exhibition-meets-exposition, which showcases the best of local design, furniture, functional objects and architecture (including a tiny house from UIC, the brains behind Olio’s design), also puts its wares up for sale to showgoers—after all, good design and good living go hand-in-hand.

A previous incarnation of FORM, courtesy of The Luminary.

A previous incarnation of FORM, courtesy of The Luminary.

“FORM’s expanding what people think is happening in terms of architecture and design,” says The Luminary Director James McAnally. “There’s really exciting stuff happening that you don’t always see.”

This evening, from 7-10pm, is a VIP prelude to the main event on Saturday, which is free and open to the public from 10am-5pm. Both sessions also serve as a fundraiser for The Luminary’s programming.

The show’s proven to be a huge asset to the architecture and design community, both locally and regionally. “[Back in 2010] We felt like there were a lot of architecture firms and such working locally but not a place for them to gather together,” says McAnally. “At the time, there was no central platform for that to happen. Since we started FORM, there are a lot of new designers working locally, so we decided this year to focus specifically on the local and regional community to see how it’s changed and evolved for people to shop and buy their work but also connect.”

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