FORM Contemporary Design Exhibition Displays Unique Pieces for Sale to Public

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Remember the uniquely beautiful trinkets you would happen across in Grandma’s basement? Add a freshly modern twist and remove the dust, and the FORM exhibition at The Luminary on historic Cherokee Street just might be the paralleled modern treasure trove.

A previous FORM. Photo courtesy of The Luminary

A previous FORM. Photo courtesy of The Luminary

The general public has the opportunity to browse and buy custom furniture, urban architecture and pretty much any other handmade, fill-in-the-blank item at the FORM contemporary design free event April 25. From 10am-5pm, guests can freely mosey through the newly renovated Luminary gallery while chatting with the innovative minds behind the artwork.

In addition to serving as a launch for the improved building space, this year’s FORM event also acts as a fundraiser for the gallery, which supports more than 15 artists, critics and curators in an effort to promote creative work and engage the St. Louis community.

Imagine your favorite national designer pieces ranging from wooden light fixtures to large hanging wall decor, coasters to bowls, lamps to jewelry—and you just may happen across the locally made version at FORM. This Saturday, shoppers can take a peek into the purchases of the makers themselves. And like Grandma’s basement treasures, the custom creations possess greater meaning than what simply meets the eye.

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