For Your Next Shabbat, Try The Challah from These Midwestern Bakery Gems

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There’s something truly special about breaking bread with family and friends, and the Jewish tradition of sharing challah is a testament to that joy. For those unfamiliar with the delight of this braided baked good, challah is a treat shared among family on Friday evenings and throughout Saturday in Jewish households as a way to begin Shabbat dinners and celebrate holidays. This Friday, check out these three bakeries across the Midwest for your sweet bread fix.

Patisserie 46 — Minneapolis, Minnesota
This bakery will make all your challah dreams come true: the bread is stretchy, doughy and eggy. They also like to shake up the toppings week to week, from raisins to poppy to sesame seeds. While the bakery (and therefore the challah) is not certified kosher, the loaf is still dairy-free.

Breadsmith — St. Louis, Missouri
Breadsmith is craft-focused chain found mostly throughout the Midwest, and St. Louisans swear by the challah offered at this kosher franchise. It’s dense and sweet, just like it should be, and it’s a staple at St. Louis Shabbat dinners. The bakers here are doing something right.

Dakota Bread Co. — Detroit, Michigan
This bakery receives consistent accolades for its challah, including one specifically from the “Jewish News.” It’s no wonder why — regulars particularly love using the cinnamon challah for Saturday morning French toast, which definitely would entice us to get out of bed.

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