Five Ways to Feel Your Best Now

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Take time to nurture your mind, body and soul with these feel-good tips.


With the easy-breezy, fun-in-the-sun season wrapping up, days will soon become shorter and mile-long to-do lists will seemingly grow longer with fall’s arrival. There are school supplies to buy, kids to be shuttled to school and endless meetings at work to plan the upcoming year. We tend to focus on everyone else’s needs so much that we can neglect our own wellbeing. Take some time to nurture yourself with these five me-centered tips, and you’ll transition into the fall season with grace, serenity and a fresh outlook.

1. Move
Ever notice how that friend or co-worker who exercises religiously is a veritable ball of energy? While you’re downing coffee during your daily 2pm slump, she’s happily bounding from task to task, leaving perfectly completed projects in her wake. There’s a reason. Regular physical activity floods your body with a store of feel-good endorphins that help combat daily stress and provides the cardio and muscular strength to do everyday things more easily.

What’s better, research suggests that exercise can lower your physiological reaction to stress over the long term. This means those who get more exercise may actually become less affected by stress now and in the future. Check out classes and personal training options at Sweat/Pound 4 Pound and The Fitness Studio.

2. Pamper

Your boss, your significant other, your kids—there are some people in your life whose needs come first. Take a time out and indulge yourself. If anyone complains, tell them this: Those who focus only on others’ needs risk burnout. Kathy Akman,
the lead technician at the Spa at Four Seasons St. Louis recommends their Di-vine Wine Wrap, an antioxidant-rich clay and red grape body treatment that is an all-in-one spa delight. Over the 105-minute session, you’ll experience a detoxifying body wrap, grapeseed oil massage and grapeseed mask facial. As you rest in one of the luxurious relaxation lounges, you’ll enjoy a dish of grapes and glass of wine. As Akman tells clients, “When you say ‘yes’ to yourself first, you’re much better able to take care of everything and everyone else.”

3. Create

Remember the feeling of victory you had when you finished a long-term project? Or how you felt when you created something beautiful and others admired? Creating regularly—whether it be via an art class, writing workshop or theatre group—helps you see the world in fresh, new ways. Check out one of the many classes offered at Craft Alliance or SCOSAG, which offers the popular “The Artist’s Way” workshop based on Julia Cameron’s award-winning book by the same title. The workshop is for anyone looking to reclaim creativity.

4. Calm
The benefits of yoga have been touted for centuries and for good reason. The stretching, deep breathing and meditative aspect of yoga does amazing things for the body and mind. Deep breathing, for example, has a direct effect on calming the nervous system and relaxes muscles throughout your entire body. Aching back from a long day of sitting in front of your computer? Yoga can help ease tension and correct poor body alignment, improving posture over the long term. Newcomers can try the beginners’ Yoga Basics class at Big Bend Yoga Center. After you have the fundamentals down, Big Bend Yoga offers classes and workshops for increasing levels of yoga practice. Namaste!

5. Nurture
When you’re busy, grabbing a bite often means eating whatever fast food is on the way to your 2 o’clock meeting. And you wonder why you’re feeling sluggish? Give your body what it needs, and you’ll be better able to function at top form. Next time you reach for a quick snack, stop at OR Smoothie & Café in the Central West End or Clayton for our fave pick-me-up, the Miracle Green Smoothie, blended with mango, orange, banana and organic miracle greens. It’s packed with immune-boosting Vitamin C and antioxidants. Best of all, it will satisfy you until your next healthy meal.




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