Five Things To Do When You Begin A New Job

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If you’re starting a new job soon, don’t fret. Here are five tactics to make the first two weeks go as smoothly as possible.

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1. Bring a notebook with you everywhere you go.
Taking notes is always a must when starting out in a new job. Carry a notebook with you to jot down quick notes when meeting new colleagues, new tasks that pop up during conversation and new company know-how. Plan on bringing your notebook everywhere: meetings, lunches, your desk, you name it.

2. Ask for an organizational chart.
Transitioning can be a challenge, especially if you’re moving from a small to a large environment. Learning new names, roles and company guidelines is much easier to learn when all the information you need is consolidated in one place. Don’t be afraid to ask for an organizational chart of your department which details who reports to whom. Not only will this help you learn names and job functions, but you’ll also be able to see what opportunities are in front of you to work toward.

3. Don’t bring your lunch.
Breaks and lunch are your chance to connect with new colleagues. Ask them to lunch and get to know them on a more personal level. Don’t sit at your desk with a sad bagged lunch and wonder why you aren’t connecting with your team. Get out there and get friendly.

4. Follow your company on social media.
If your company has an active social-media presence, make sure that you’re following them on all channels. This way, you’ll be that much more tuned into what’s going on within the company and can anticipate changes and trends before they happen.

5. Ask lots of questions.
Admittedly, this is something many of us struggle with, especially if you are early on in your career. Successful professionals ask thoughtful, helpful questions and remain curious, even when performing the most mundane tasks. You never know when you might get struck with inspiration or come up with a new way to automate a process. As a new employee it’s expected that you’ll have questions, so now is your chance to learn. Try to ask at least one well-conceived question during meetings to better your understanding of the company and to be sure you’re aligned with your team.

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