5 Simple Ways To Bump Up Your Creativity In 2018

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With a new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to sharpen your creative vision and goals for the year ahead. Will 2018 be the year that the book draft you’ve been mulling for years finally gets published? Will it be the year that your art finds itself on a gallery wall?

No matter where you are in your creative journey, here are five simple ways to boost your creativity this year and make your goals happen.

Kick off the day with a killer podcast.
One of the biggest creativity buzzkills? Rolling over and caving into a phone-scroll session the minute you wake up. Instead, opt for a strong cup of coffee or tea while waking up with an inspiring and educational podcast. A few top picks for creative-minded listeners include The Garyvee Audio Experience (no-nonsense creative business tips), The Goal Digger Podcast (encouragement for creatives) and On Being (a podcast sure to stir up creative thinking).

Designate a “creative” day of the week.
Sometimes penciling in time to intentionally create and try new things is the key to settling into a successful creative mindset. This could look like setting aside Wednesday afternoons for spending time with your sketchpad and pencils, or devoting Friday mornings to writing a new page of your book. Fostering creativity doesn’t have to be a daylong ordeal–just a few uninterrupted moments will do.

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Celebrate community.
Creativity doesn’t flourish without community, and getting plugged into a network of local and ambitious creatives is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Consider inviting a local artist that you admire out to coffee, or attending an open-mic poetry reading. Another way to mingle with other creative-minded folks? Consider opting to work from a coworking space or creative hub like St. Louis’ own TechArtista or Nebula, where you never know who you may meet during a work session.

Keep a creativity journal.
Staying on top of your creative journey can be tough, but making a point to keep a creative journal helps to log creative milestones. The next time you embark on a big, new creative project—like writing that book, embarking on that public-speaking journey or setting up a new canvas–log your thoughts and feelings in your journal. Once your creative project is complete, looking back will feel so gratifying.

Invest in classes and education.
Feeling stuck in a creative rut? We know that feeling, too. Consider investing in a course or workshop to challenge your creativity the next time you fall victim to a creative rut. Don’t know where to start? Writing workshops, floral arranging classes, calligraphy workshops and wine-and-painting classes are popular options in most major cities.

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