5 Questions With Dior Cosmetics Senior Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Hawkins

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Neiman Marcus has officially kicked off the holiday season in fashionable form, with an exclusive color and treatment event led by the National Diorshow Artistry Team. The luxury retailer held two master classes introducing a collection of products both new and old, teaching even a novice like me how to master the most enticing lashes and flawless complexion.

Dior Master Class. Photo by Amber Joivon.

Dior Master Class. Photo by Amber Joivon.


Lisa Hawkins, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Education and Events and encyclopedia of all things Dior, sat down with us to give some insight on how she got her start and her midwestern roots.

ALIVE: What inspired you to start a career in the beauty industry?

Lisa Hawkins: Well, it kind of started by accident. I started like many of our executives today, working behind a beauty counter like this at Neiman Marcus and I found it to be such a wonderful way to spend my time meeting women and making them feel more confident and beautiful while getting paid for it. I was very fortunate to have opportunities to grow and move around while advancing my career in the beauty field. My mother has always said that I went from coloring books to coloring people’s faces.

ALIVE: If you could only wear one product on your face, what would it be?

LH: You can’t ask a Dior girl that question, but if I had to choose one thing it would be skincare. Always wear sunscreen and set a good skincare regiment for yourself when you are young, and always wear sunscreen.

ALIVE: Dior is known not only for its haute couture but they have made quite a name for themselves in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Do you find that the ready-to-wear collections and artistry collections often coincide?

LH: Yes, very much so. At Dior more so than most other fashion brands, we consider ourselves to be just one brand meaning we don’t separate the beauty from the ready-to-wear. We want our clients to have a total luxury brand experience; the beauty side of the line is constantly inspired by what we are seeing down the runway. Creative director Raf Simmons is very involved and dedicated to making sure that the beauty looks coincide with the clothing and stay modern.

ALIVE: Any tips for our readers who are struggling with integrating new colors and techniques into their regiment?

LH: Don’t be afraid; if you see something you like in a magazine or on the street, try it. The best part about makeup is that it isn’t permanent; if you don’t like it, wash it off and try something new.

ALIVE: As a born Heartlander, what has been the one thing that you are always excited to come home to when you travel back?

LH: That’s an easy one: mom. I think we all have a special place in our hearts for our mothers. Christian Dior was incredibly close to his mother and she was the inspiration for many of the beautiful things that he created.

The Dior Golden Winter Artistry Event runs through Nov. 16 so be sure to pop by Neiman Marcus at Plaza Frontenac to see the latest colors and innovative skincare.

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