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Drew Linehan

Every fashion season thousands of models attend castings hoping to be chosen by one of the nation’s top designers. It’s here that you may find Drew Linehan, founder and owner of Trew Productions. A play off Linehan’s first name and maybe a tinge of irony lies within the playful title of the highly regarded fashion production firm. Trew Production’s long list of A-list clientele and reputation for staying trew—ahem—true to the industry standards has set them apart has a production powerhouse. We were lucky enough to chat with Linehan about his break into the industry and his upcoming trip to St. Louis for Fashion Week.

ALIVE: What does a typical day for Drew Linehan look like?
Drew Linehan: Every day is very different. I am a casting director as well as a producer so I work in two very different modes. During New York Fashion Week, I am running around going from casting to casting. I meet with the models, narrow them down and then relay my choices to the designers. Once fashion week has commenced, it’s on to casting for more editorial work. For example, today I did a job for Nordstrom. Editorial casting is done at a much slower pace. Even though the casting-to-shoot time is much shorter than shows, the pressure is much less.

ALIVE: You started in the antique business; was fashion something that you always had an interest in?
I always loved fashion. When I was younger studying antiques at Christie’s in London I had no idea how multi-faceted the fashion industry was. I thought you had to be a designer or a magazine editor but I was amazed to learn about all the creativity that happens behind the scenes.

ALIVE: We know you are winding down from Fashion Week in New York. What shows did you have the pleasure of working on for the Spring/Summer 2014 season?
DL: This season I worked on Todd Snyder, Brandon Sun, Grey Line Map and Arden Wohl for Cri de Coeur. Three of these shows I produced as well as casted.

ALIVE: You have worked on some pretty high-profile clients and produced some major events. What has been the most rewarding for you?
I have been doing a lot of work for the amfAR Inspirational Gala; it’s held annually here in New York and it’s for The Foundation for AIDS Research. Every year at the gala they hold a themed runway show and this year it was black tie/camouflage. Participating designers would each show a black tie look as well as a camouflage look, both of which would be silently auctioned at the event. I love working this event because I get to work with a lot of designers and the event is really my own vision from start to finish. This year Jennifer Lopez, Valentino and Alan Cummings were in attendance and received awards from the organization.

ALIVE: You are heading to Saint Louis Fashion Week this season. What are you most excited to explore in the ‘Lou during your visit?
DL: I am very excited to see the original architecture of St. Louis. It also seems that there is a lot of buzz around the city right now, so I look forward to exploring some of the up-and-coming neighborhoods.

For more information on Saint Louis Fashion Week shows and tickets, visit the website before all the fun is just a memory.

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