F&D Prime Culinary Tours to Host Seasonal Coffee and Fruit Tasting Session

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F&D Prime Culinary Tours, a culinary tour and event company, landed on the local dining scene this summer. The food and drink tours aim to expose people to certain types of food that they might not be familiar with, with experts sourced from around the local culinary scene.

F&D Prime Culinary Tours exposes people to food they wouldn't encounter otherwise, like certain coffees

Photo courtesy of F&D Prime Culinary Tours

“What we’re trying to do is promote local businesses, restaurants, beverages and food to people who may not be familiar with certain restaurants or types of food in town,” co-founder Evan Jones says. “St. Louis is a fairly sprawled out area—there’s lots of different pockets—and we’re just trying to spread the wealth around.”

Jones and his friend Adrian Walker were inspired to start the company after the two bonded over a shared love of food and background growing up in St. Louis.

“We both really love the city a lot, and we’re both committed to showcasing different aspects of the city’s food, drink and culture,” Jones says. “St. Louis has a lot of really unique regional dishes and a lot of really great people who are really passionate about food here in St. Louis, and Adrian and I are really looking forward to connecting with a lot of those people.”

Jones says they hope to use the tours to highlight some dishes that are unique to the area, like the St. Paul sandwich, gooey butter cake and provel cheese.

For their first set of tours on Sept. 12, 13 and 14, F&D is hosting seasonal coffee and fruit tasting sessions at Comet Coffee. The session at the Dogtown multiroaster will showcase coffees with different flavor profiles paired with in-season fruits. They’ll have samples of four seasonal coffees handpicked by Comet Coffee’s team.

“When I first got into coffee, there were some coffees that had some really great fruit notes, and that was something I never experienced before with coffee,” Jones says. “I’m looking forward to being able to share that with other people, and the staff at Comet is really excited to showcase their talents.”

Jones says they hope to host events once a month.

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