Fashion: Saks Fifth Avenue Presents St. Louis’ 2010 Men of Style

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Five stylish St. Louis guys who set trends and turn heads.


Clotheshorses? More like stallions, and more esteemed for their all-encompassing styles rather than simply their killer wardrobes. Still, they just play on an elevated sartorial plane. They take risks. They not only know their neck size and the name of a great tailor, they’re prone to making informed references to such industry icons as Tom Ford and Cary Grant. They openly profess their loves for Prada footwear and manscaping-that-borders-on-pampering, and drop lines like “less is more.” They’re not so much a rare breed as they are MVPs in a league that’s “too grown-up” to wear sports jerseys. They are the 2010 Men of Style, and they’re dandy representatives of our cosmopolitan city. Call them metro, if you will.

Joseph “Jay” Perez
35, Attorney, Korein Tillery LLC

Grandma knows best: “My grandmother was a seamstress and instilled in me an eye for tailored clothing and proper fit. She’s always critiquing what I’m wearing, and she’ll tell me if I’m working out too much.”

Organized living: “My closet is very organized. I think, when it’s not, most people tend to forget what they have and start wearing the same thing. This way, I get to be creative.”

Style motto: “You never know who you’re going to run into.”

On “the God of Sex”: “I like masculine dressing. I think Tom Ford does that in a sexy, not vulgar, way. It’s okay to show a little chest hair!”

Dress for success: “Always look your best; if you took the time to look put-together, you’ll take the time to do your job well.”

Power suiting: “On a big day, it’s a navy suit with side vents; a well-pressed white shirt; slim, light-brown shoes and a matching belt—and always a handkerchief.”

Essential elements: “Balance of mind, body and spirit are important. For me, that includes regular exercise, yoga, meditation, a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and an occasional visit to the spa for some pampering. I’m not someone you have to convince to relax!”

Everyday Jay: “I would definitely say I’m a jeans guy; I like to be comfortable.”

A.J. Thouvenot
26, Fashion Designer, “ProjectRunway” Season 8 Alum

Out of the closet: “I was not fashionable in high school; I looked like I stepped out of TJ Maxx. My own style didn’t come out until I started going to gay bars; I figured, if I’m going to date, I better step up my game.”

Prized possessions:
“My three must-haves are my collection of skinny ties that dress up any outfit, a ridiculous gold jacket from American Apparel and my John Galliano button-up. It’s the most expensive thing I own, and it fits perfectly.”

On regrets: “There was a period when I wore lots and lots of neon; everything! I make a lot of mistakes. When you’re someone who takes risks, it’s gonna happen.”

Celebrity muse: “If I could design for anyone, it would be Cyndi Lauper in the ’80s when she was totally hot.”

The Gaga Effect: [Lady] Gaga is making it tough for designers; it’s getting harder and harder to be original.”

Style, defined: “Style is not what you choose to wear, but how you choose to wear it.”

Rene Knott
46, Sports Director, KSDK

On the fall of Ed Hardy:
“I used to wear a lot of Ed Hardy tees, then Jon Gosselin came along. One guy ruins everything. I still wear them, though–to the gym.”

Fop worth copping: “George Clooney. He doesn’t try too hard, and he doesn’t try to be anyone else. He’s like a modern-day Cary Grant.”

Family tradition: “My dad wore a three-piece suit to work every day, so I knew I wanted a job that would require my wearing a suit. Now my son has decided he wants to wear a suit every day to work like I do.”

On-air dress code: “Fashion and style are very important to the job; people are going to listen to you more if you look good.”

Opposites attract: “[My wife’s] not the type of person who will go out and spend $500 on something; she’s practical. Me? I’m over-the-top.”

On designer ties: “Cigars and watches are the only things I spend money on. $100 on a strip of silk? I don’t think so.”

On adult dress: “I used to wear sports jerseys; I think I grew up. Oh, and I’m 46 years-old; we don’t pop the collar.”

Andrew Srenco
36, Hatch Street Capital, LLC

On classics: “I like pieces that will stand the test of time. My favorite piece is a Ferragamo chocolate brown vest; it will last forever, will never go out of style and can be worn in a variety of settings.”

Signature style: “Well-fitting clothes are my signature. My favorite brands are John Varvatos, Prada and Theory; they fit perfectly off the rack.”

Seal of approval: “I shop for myself, but I won’t take the tags off until my wife sees it.”

Changing the rules:
“I used to have a rule: no jeans; they’re too casual. Now jeans are my favorite thing to wear.”

Choice extra: “I have one good watch: a Cartier Roadster that has a silver, a black and a brown band and can look casual or dressy. I like it so much, I lost it and bought the same one again.”

On getting noticed:
“I used to go for more color to stand out. Then I realized less is more.”

Hikaru Nakamura
22, Chess Grandmaster

Good luck charm: “The gold [double-C] ring I won at the U.S. Chess Championship is my lucky charm. It’s a reminder to keep pushing forward, to keep trying.”

On dressing up: “If I’m competing against a great player, I’ll dress up out of respect. If I’m wearing jeans, I don’t respect you.”

Rebel yell: “I dyed my hair red about four years ago; I wanted to do something different. I thought it was interesting. Let‘s just say it didn’t quite work.”

On influences:
“I grew up in New York City, and spent a lot of time in the Soho area. Now, I’m traveling a lot to Europe. I’ve always followed the trends I see out and about.”

Real men wear pink: “My style is a bit wild. I’ll wear pink shirts; I have a pink polo that I’ll wear with jeans–skinny jeans, if I’m in the mood.”

Band mates: “My two favorites are Green Day and Metallica.”


1040_445.jpgJoseph Perez in Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban sunglasses and with Gucci tote

1041_445.jpgAndrew Srenco in Calvin Klein shirt and pants, a Gucci belt and Hugo Boss shoes

1042_445.jpgRene Knott in Hugo Boss with an Andrew Marc overcoat

1043_445.jpgAndrew Srenco in Calvin Klein shirt and pants, a Gucci belt and Hugo Boss shoes

1044_445.jpgHikaru Nakamura in a Hugo Boss blazer and Polo Ralph Lauren jeans


Photo credit: Photography by Wesley Law, Art Direction by David Hsia

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