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Photo from the Conde Nast Collection by Herbert Matter.

Photo from the Conde Nast Collection by Herbert Matter.

1/ Condé Nast is releasing thousands of unpublished photos from its Vogue and Vanity Fair archives, according to Quartz. On March 25, over 20,000 images from Nast’s “morgue” became available through Getty, with some even becoming available “a la carte.” Read the full scoop—and view a select preview of some if the images.

2/ If you want to get really, really excited about the unlimited coolness of fashion in the world right now, look no further than the street style seen at the recently wrapped Seoul Fashion Week. You already know I was squealing in my seat throughout all 145 images …

3/ In good humor, Man Repeller takes on one of my personal favorite brands, Vetements, in a humorous examination at the current state of “real people” fashion. Sure, they are selling DHL shirts for $330 when you can by them through the actual delivery company for $14.99, but to me, that’s the perfect play on an industry that is currently redefining what luxury fashion actually means in today’s society.

4/ Refinery29 takes a look at the growing world of Muslim and modest fashion, the multi-billion dollar industry that sets the tone for the financial gains of the entire industry. “Muslim fashion is apparently one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors, estimated to be worth more than $177 billion by 2020.”

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