Fashion Insider: Party Girls, Art Basil And Opening Ceremony

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Photos by Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony Pre-Fall 2016. Photos by Opening Ceremony.

1/ Party season is in full swing, which makes this the perfect time to look back at some of the raddest, most fashionable party girls throughout history. Topping the list of my personal favorites: Grace Jones (the ultimate club girl), Jerry Hall ( party fashion icon) and Debbie Harry (punk rock queen). Rock on!

2/ Move over Kanye, another member of music royalty will be showing their collection at NYFW next season. Rihanna announced quite nonchalantly via a link on Twitter that she will show her newest collection with Puma on Feb. 12. I wonder what A-list celebs will show up.

3/ Want to know what the cool kids were doing and wearing at Art Basil this year? Former ALIVE Magazine photographer David Vassalli hit the streets of Miami for the annual art event to photograph the people and places for the Bullett Magazine piece, “We Went To Miami Art Basil So You Didn’t Have To.” How considerate!

4/ Designers are already onto the premieres of their respective pre-fall collections and in eyeing the lot, there’s something to be said about Opening Ceremony’s take on the future of work wear. The collection, which is literally everything that I want to wear to work every day (and everywhere else), deconstructs classic women’s suiting in a way that’s completely true to the brand while representing the exciting “try anything” vibe that represents the current fashion aesthetic.

5/ 2015 was another jaw-dropping year in fashion and NY Times Fashion & Style wants to be sure you don’t forget a thing. View their list of the year’s top news, shows, trends and red carpet memories that are sure to be talked about for seasons to come. The bottom line? The future is here!

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