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Welcome to the new Fashion Insider, a variable selection of national fashion news bits, trends and articles handpicked to entertain, educate and enlighten—straight from the desk of yours truly.

Photo by Bloomberg.

The cult of Dov Charney. Photo by Bloomberg.

1/ One of the most unexpected pieces of international fashion news of the past week broke just before the weekend: Raf Simons announced he will be leaving Christian Dior. After a rocky escape (or firing, rather) of his predecessor John Galliano, Simons gave the brand a fresh start—and less drama—creating an exciting and prosperous future for the brand. The Cut talks about the reasons behind the rift, and what the favored designer will be up to next.

2/ American Apparel is no stranger to drama, which is perhaps one of the reasons why when the company announced that it had filed for bankruptcy a few weeks ago, even its most loyal fans weren’t surprised. Although the brand fired its former “bad boy” CEO Dov Charney—who was known more for his inappropriate behavior than his business practices—the ripple effect of the company’s decision to change its image has effected employees of the company at nearly every level. Refinery29 takes an addicting glimpse inside the cult of American Apparel (and their surprising loyalty to Charney), sharing its story as uncomfortable parallel to the American dream.

3/ Fashion—not surprisingly enough—is my favorite theme for Halloween and the search for putting together pieces that resemble a favorite fashion star or movie character is always a ton of fun. Scoping outside of the typical options, Vogue shares their top 12 picks for fashion-forward Halloween costumes.

4/ And last but certainly not least, I actually gasped out loud several times while perusing WWD’s collection of street style photos from Seoul Fashion Week Spring 16. Seriously another level. Check it here and let the drooling commence!

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