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Daisy hijab Photo by Stefano Gabbana.

Photo by Stefano Gabbana.

1/ This week, Forbes has released one of their most highly regarded lists of the year, 30 Under 30, featuring the best and the brightest young guns from industries like business and finance to arts and entertainment. Some familiar names in fashion made the final cut, including two of the recent finalists for the Saint Louis Fashion Fund 2015 Caleres Emerging Designer Award, Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta (Eckhaus Latta) and Azede Jean-Pierre. View the full list for more.

2/ Dolce & Gabbana have always been leaders in fashion, and in taking that role to the next level, they have announced the launch of the Abaya Collection. Aimed at Muslim consumers, the brand has crafted a visually stunning range of abayas and hijabs that feature the brand’s signature styles and prints.

3/ Is 2015 the year that fashion died? OK, OK, so death is a bit dramatic, but with dramatic designer exits, a drastic change in seasons and fast fashion spinning faster than ever, Independent UK takes a look into the year that was one of the industry’s toughest yet.

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