Fashion Insider: Grace Coddington Steps Down At Vogue

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Grace Coddington.Photo courtesy of Business of Fashion.

Grace Coddington. Photo courtesy of Business of Fashion.

1/ Grace Coddington, easily the most renowned fashion editor and icon, has officially stepped down as Creative Director of American Vogue. The announcement was shared via all major fashion news outlets this morning and comes as a bit of a surprise, considering her long tenure (since 1988) and her famous juxtaposition to Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. See the full stories courtesy of the New York Times, and Business of Fashion.

2/ The men’s shows are in full swing and fashion’s heavy hitters are all vying to bring the buzz back into the luxury goods market. Case in point: Gucci and Prada. Easily two of the cornerstones of luxury fashion, their most recent collections have set the bar high but reachable, showcasing juxtaposition at its truest form: rich and poor, working class and luxury, youthful and classic. Regardless of the enthralling backstories, there’s no doubt that right now, fashion definitely has something to say.

3/ Love her or hate her, Courtney Love is a fashion icon, which is why when internet retail empire Nasty Gal announced a collaboration with the rocker, I made sure to scope out the goods. The collection is Courtney to the core: babydoll dresses, lace bralets, chokers—even a mini tiara that’s reminiscent of YSL’s Love-esque tribute for SS16. Although it’s cute and styled like a party girl, I would have to reserve my Courtney Love dressing to items I’ve snagged at the thrift store because—let’s be honest—I’m sure that’s where Courtney was shopping in the early ’90s anyway.

4/ Ever wanted to peek inside the homes of your favorite, legendary artists? I’m talking Dali, O’Keefe, Kahlo … Vogue shares a list of 10 artists homes around the globe that are still welcoming visitors. Summer vacation adventure, perhaps?

5/ And the winner of best headline for the week goes to (drumroll please … ) for this gem (and the eye candy isn’t bad either).

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