Farm-to-table isn't just a phrase at Winslow's Home

By Matt Sorrell
In Culture

The current incarnation of Winslow’s Home is the result of a lot of elements colliding. What originally began as a (relatively) straight-forward building rehab eventually evolved into one of the city’s most-loved destinations, a combination of artisanal grocery store and a true farm-to-table restaurant. When Winslow’s Home—the name is an homage to the work of iconic American realist painter Winslow Homer–debuted in 2008, it was at the height of the economic crisis. Overnight, customers were spending differently and were much more focused on the essentials, and Winslow’s Home was ready to step in and provide just what they were looking for.


Photo by Jenn Silverberg

Now, it’s a gathering place for the neighborhood that surrounds it, as well as the city at large. The store shelves are full of everything from carefully curated spirits to cooking utensils to all manner of home goods and then some. Always at the forefront of the small batch and locavore trends, the kitchen puts out some of the best fare in town, with many cultures represented in the food created there. “Farm-to-table” is an often overused term in the restaurant industry, but Winslow’s Home can seriously lay claim to that label–the restaurant has its own farm near Augusta and a substantial number of the ingredients that go into its dishes are harvested there. Plus, they only use humanly raised meat and poultry. Many of the restaurant employees work in the fields as well, so there’s a good chance your server may have actually helped harvest what’s on your plate!

One of the reasons for Winslow’s Home’s success is that the management has been able to not just grow a business but individuals as well. There’s a carefully crafted culture among the employees where everyone’s contributions are valued and collaborations are encouraged at all levels. The end result? A happy, dedicated staff providing a stellar guest experience.

As it has since the beginning, Winslow’s Home continues to move forward. In the coming months, look for a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) to debut, featuring the best of what the farm has to offer every week, plenty of prepared foods to go for those customers in a rush, expanded wine and cocktail offerings and even more of a focus on the full-service bakery, which opened last year.

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