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Sibling rockers of The Band Perry take country-crossover to a whole new level


You don’t have to be a die-hard country music fan to love the latest radio hits from The Band Perry. The up-and-coming group’s hit singles “If I Die Young” and “You Lie” can be heard on radio stations across genres, thanks to their catchy, crossover nature. Drawing equal parts inspiration from southern gothic literature, bluegrass and rock’n’roll, the band has been touring the nation with Tim McGraw and gaining popularity with pop and country music fans alike. In anticipation of their appearance at The Pageant on Sept. 30, ALIVE chatted with Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry about their newfound fame, what’s ahead and keeping it in the family.

ALIVE: Your popularity has really grown in the past few months. How does it feel to play in front of such huge crowds every night?
KIMBERLY: We’re having the best time. Last year we played a lot of festivals, clubs, theaters…and this year we’ve elevated to amphitheaters and arenas, so it’s a very different type of math—like one was geometry and this is calculus.

ALIVE: What was it like to take the stage in an amphitheater for the first time?
REID: The Tim McGraw tour had cat walks, so it was our first time working those. It’s a really great time because there’s places where we’re able to interact with fans.
KP: The country music fan base is more of a family than anything else. It’s really a powerful, moving thing to hear that many people singing your song back to you.

ALIVE: So how did you first start making music together?
KP: We were just babies when we got started. I was in 10th grade, Neil was 8 years old and Reid was 10. We just immediately fell in love with performing and the traveling lifestyle. I remember singing around the piano with our father and learning three-part harmonies way before we knew we’d be doing it as a career or even a hobby. We did it because we loved it.

ALIVE: If each of you could name one artist you admire most, who would it be?
NEIL: I’m going through a Stevie Nicks phase right now; she’s one artist I really like.
KP: Mine would be Loretta Lynn. Not only because she’s a female songwriter, but she really embodies everything I love about country music—she has a family, she’s got a lot of spitfire, a sense of fashion…she’s a very strong woman but is also very much a lady.
RP: Garth Brooks because of the way that he’s treated his fans and has been able to remain as relevant and as huge as he is for so many years.

ALIVE: How will you know when you’ve made it to the top?
NP: There’s this very personal goal that the three of us have—to do a crossroads with Keith Richards and Loretta Lynn.
KP: And of course, one day we would love to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. We adore the history of it and the long-standing tradition it is.

ALIVE: If you could say one thing to your younger selves, what would it be?
KP: Sleep more! For us, it’s always been about keeping the nose to the grindstone, and half of “making it” in the music business is outlasting the process.
NP: I would have told our 6-year-old selves to keep playing the violin. We all played when we were little, and it sure would’ve been useful now.



Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry of The Band Perry


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