Family (And Art) Matters At This Aesthetically Pleasing Kirkwood Home

 In Style

When Dr. Ellen Reed sent us a few photos of her home’s interior, we knew we had to come by and see it for ourselves. Reed, hubby Patrick and family occupy a visually stunning space in Kirkwood, decorated to the brim with lush furniture and art, highlighted by an overwhelmingly graphic color palette of rich white and black. Also, can you say baby room goals?

Photos by Megan Magray.


House occupants and occupations?
I am a professional dancer with The Big Muddy Dance Company and a Mental Training Consultant for athletes and business professionals for Enhanced Performance, Inc. My husband Patrick is a director at Edward Jones. Our son William is 8 months old, and we have a dog named Louise.

How would you describe the decor in your home?
I would describe our style as “classic, with a unique edge.” Our house is an extension of us, and we wanted it to reflect that. We are “jeans and t-shirts” kind of people for the most part, but appreciate awesome accessories and our home exudes that same style.



What was your inspiration behind your decor and home organization?
We never want to look at our home and think that it looks dated, so we wanted the decor to be classic and timeless, but in a unique and personal way.

We love anything black and white, mirrored or natural. Black and white will never go out of style, and we love the cleanliness and sharpness that the combination provides. We tried to incorporate something natural in every room, whether it be a cowhide or sheepskin, crystals, birch branches or skull art. I am a vegetarian, so hopefully that balances out our affinity for animal decor. I also love the way mirrors dress up a space and reflect the life of the house back at you. We hang family photos any place we can and love a good gallery wall.

What are some of your favorite places to purchase home décor items?
We are really lucky in St. Louis to have access to so many great resources. I am a bargain shopper at heart, and half the fun for me is to research the best deal or to find a great score at Homegoods. I love Homegoods and have found amazing pieces there, from Missoni pillows to Jonathan Adler lamps. As a local artist, I love to support other local artists, so we also have several pieces of art from local fairs. Of course, I can’t forget about Restoration Hardware (the Outlet, obviously) and Ikea.


What is your favorite part of your home and why?
Our favorite part of the house is our bedroom. We designed our bedroom based on the rooms at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. We always have so much fun when we stay there that we thought, “Why not recreate this at home?” The first thing we did was add a bar.

Do you have a favorite individual piece of furniture, décor or art? Why is it so special?
I love the play mat I designed for William in his play room. It reflects our family and our style, and I envision him playing on it over the next several years. We also had our family members each paint a mini canvas for him to go in a collage in his nursery. We love that everyone who loves him is represented in his room.


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