Facelift for The Fox

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Over the summer months, The Fox’s ceiling underwent its first restoration since 1982. As the theater’s 31st Broadway season opens this month, patrons will see the historic building’s ornate ceiling restored to its original splendor, thanks to a thorough cleaning, fabric repairs and touch-up painting.

Designed to mimic a canopy, The Fox auditorium ceiling features jewel-studded plaster work, Indian fabric, tassels and fringe that frame the majestic chandelier in the center. When the theater was originally restored and reopened in 1982, costs and time affected how much restoration work was actually done on the ceiling beyond a good vacuuming. Rich Baker, president of Fox Associates, LLC, and others at The Fox chose this summer to take time out for the more extensive restoration work because of the theater’s relatively light schedule during the summer season.

Baker says new lighting will soon be added to show off the auditorium’s ceiling work and quips that it all might end in “a few sore necks” as guests can’t help but peer up at embellishments and intricacies they may never have noticed before.




Photo credit: Kalie Long

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