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European artist Stéphane Margolis, who has been working with Barrett Barrera for the past year, brings his tongue-in-cheek commentary to projects+gallery this summer for his first solo show in the US June 3-July 23. In the Central West End space, Dorte Probstein and Susan Barrett will create an eerie backdrop to highlight both his petrified sculptures—a dying method made popular in 19th century France—as well as his photos and a video installation.

Hommage a Giorgio Morandi, 2015, Stéphane Margolis.

Hommage a Giorgio Morandi, 2015, Stéphane Margolis.

Margolis’ otherworldly pieces are never what you think, and often reference both flora and fauna—a nod to his childhood in the horticulturally rich South of France. A sculpture that takes on the semblance of a duck is really two vases, fused together and made heavy as stone through the calcification process and embellished with a prickly pear and deep blue “feathers.” Though this work and most other compositions bear humorous names like “Mutant Seaweed and Leper Pumpkin,” his work reflects on the fragility of our planet, and its declining condition.

Margolis arrived in STL last Friday to arrange charcoal-covered halos among his work to recreate his staged photographs, as well as lend his green thumb to the planters in front of the gallery.

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