Engagements: Recently Ringed: Melissa Roberts, 21 & Brent Billhartz, 22

This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


The Couple: Melissa Roberts, 21 & Brent Billhartz, 22

How We Met: One of my close girlfriends, who is Brents cousin, introduced us on MySpace in 2007. We started sending each other messages, and after one day of messaging, I gave him my number. We later talked for hours on the phone and decided to meet. He played baseball in Mascoutah, so my cousin and I went to a game one night. I was so nervous but excited and my heart was racing the whole time. When the game was over, I invited Brent and some friends to my house afterward and we hung out on the pool deck and started talking about high school (we had just graduated in May). It turned out wed had a class together junior year of high school! We hung out the entire night and when it was finally time for everyone to go home, we hugged and then he kissed me right then and there. I had butterflies and couldnt wait to see him again.

The Proposal: Im a support partner and had to work a shift at the hospital on the evening of August 6. Brent brought me dinner and we ate in the break room. Other nurses had been coming in and out, and I noticed Brents face was red and he was really quiet. I went to the bathroom and came back and noticed a folded up piece of paper on the table. In black sharpie it read, “Will you marry me?” I sat down and opened up the paper to see the ring inside the note. I was not expecting it to happen at work! The feeling was so unreal. I immediately called my parents to tell them the wonderful news!

The Big Day: August 6, 2011


1022_438.jpgThe happy couple, Melissa Roberts, 21 & Brent Billhartz, 22


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