Engagements: Recently Ringed: Lauren Murray, 23 & Kyle Murphy, 26

This St. Louis couple shares their engagement story.


The Couple: Lauren Murray, 23 & Kyle Murphy, 26

How We Met: Kyle and I met in college at the University of Kansas. We met in 2005, but remained just friends until 2008. We were always running into each other, but Kyle is very shy, and I was stubborn, and we never approached one another. One night, after a few cocktails, my best friend and I went out and we ran into Kyle at a bar. He said “hi” and his friend came up to me and said, “So, you are the girl Murph talks about.” After a few more cocktails, I approached Kyle later and planted a kiss on him that he would never forget. We connected the next day through Facebook and he asked me on a real date.

The Proposal: Kyle and I were going to Wisconsin for the weekend for a wedding. We were supposed to go on Saturday, but Kyle told me he wanted to go earlier to go out with everyone on Friday night. We drove up to Wisconsin Dells, and he said we were going to a hotel where the whole wedding party was staying. It was actually a beautiful bed and breakfast overlooking the Wisconsin Lake. After we unpacked, we walked down to head to the rehearsal dinner after-party, and when we walked out on the balcony, there was a table with dinner, candles, champagne, photos of us and a tiny little box. Kyle got down on one knee and proposed. He hired a violin player to play while we were eating dinner and a professional photographer to snap photos of us during the proposal. It was wonderful!

The Big Day: October 22, 2011


1021_437.jpgThe happy couple, Lauren Murray, 23 & Kyle Murphy, 26


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