Engagements: Recently Ringed: Kyla Strawhacker, 27 & Mick Henderson, 28

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St. Louis couples share their engagement stories.


The Couple: Kyla Strawhacker, 27 & Mick Henderson, 28

How We Met: We met at one of our favorite Soulard bars on a night out with friends in the spring of 2006. Not looking for a relationship, I was hesitant in giving Mick my number that night. In the end, his continuous persistence paid off. A week or two later, we went on our first date at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant and had a great time. After several months of dating, I learned that Mick would be leaving town in the fall for law school. Even though we knew a long distance relationship would be tough, we knew we wanted to give it a shot. Through weekend visits, long distance calls, and lots of patience, we actually grew closer than I could have ever imagined.

The Proposal: Mick and I usually walk our dog, Bailey, through Forest Park together every Saturday. Before we went, Mick said he had to go to the bank to make deposits before it closed. When he got back, we left to walk and Mick kept trying to bring up the future and where I saw us in ten years. It was a hot day, so to avoid our normal run up Art Hill, I tried to convince Mick to take a shortcut. I wasn’t very convincing, so we started up the hill. Mick trailed a couple steps behind me, paused and said, “Isn’t this view beautiful,” I turned around to find him on one knee holding out a diamond ring. Without hesitation, I practically tackled him and started crying and said “YES!” Then we walked to the side of Art Hill to find a rose and a bottle of champagne. Mick had been at the park setting the scene while he said he was going to “the bank.”

The Big Day: September 24, 2011


1110_466.jpgThe Couple: Kyla Strawhacker, 27 & Mick Henderson, 28


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