Engagements: Oh, Julia Ann's Julia Christensen + Lance Cain

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Your name and your fiancé’s name:

Julia Christensen and Lance Cain

Oh Julia Ann 2

Your age and your fiancé’s age:

I am 25, and Lance is 29.

Your occupation and your fiancé’s occupation :

I run the fashion blog Oh, Julia Ann and work in marketing. Lance recently earned his EMT license.

THE BIG DAY: March 12, 2016


We will be married at the First Unitarian Church in St. Louis with a reception at Andre’s South.


Oh Julia Ann - Retro Arcade Engagement Photos at Melt in St Louis - 2

When and where did you or your fiancé pop the question?

Some of Lance’s friends mentioned I should throw him a surprise birthday party—little did I know, Lance had actually asked his buddies to plant the idea, and he slowly informed all guests before the party that he was behind the surprise. About an hour after the party started, he mentioned that our neighbor had set up some beers to sample next door, as we were out of room in our apartment, so everyone trickled out. Lance had me stay with him, and there was a knock on the door. When I answered it, I found both of our families waiting! They came in, Lance sweetly proposed, and all of our friends flooded back into the apartment with balloons and Ring Pops and Champagne. After I said yes, all I could ask Lance was, “Did I plan my own surprise engagement party?” He smiled and said, “But sweetie, you’re so much better at it!”

What was the most special or unique thing about the engagement?

When we were dating, Lance once joked that he would propose with engagement socks—and he really did! He proposed with a little sock charm and question mark charm on a necklace, and the next day we had my mother’s engagement ring redesigned to be mine. Also, all the “birthday presents” at the party that I thought were for Lance were actually silly socks for me!

Describe the first time you saw your fiancé.

We’re both originally from Springfield, Ill., and we’ve known of each other for years, but we officially met in Chicago in 2009. We were actually both supposed to be somewhere else, but we ended up in Chicago at the same time for a few hours. Mutual friends brought us together for breakfast.

How long have the two of you been a couple?

We started dating more than five years ago.

How do you like to spend time together?

Whether it’s air hockey at the arcade, skee-ball at the bar, Cards Against Humanity at a friend’s place, or backgammon at home, we love playing games.

What is your ideal St. Louis date night?

Dinner at Cicero’s, a show at Fubar, and a late-night sweet treat at The Fountain on Locust.

Quirkiest thing about your relationship, or something people would be surprised to know:

Since we grew up in the same city and ran the same social circles, we regularly realize we were at the same shows or parties. Since I was friends with his buddies’ younger siblings, we both have stories from the same events, but they always have a different perspective. It’s so fun to realize we were merely steps away from one another for years before we met.

List three words that describe your relationship. 

So much fun!

What is your song?

“I Only Have Eyes for You,” by The Flamingos

Where do you plan to settle down together?

We recently purchased our first home in the Bevo neighborhood. We will live there with our pets: American bulldogs Cap’n Crunch and Count Chocula and Yogurt the cat.


Photos by Chameleon Imagery: Lillian Peters Photography

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