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“Twilight Saga: Eclipse” star talks vampires, making the movie and growing up in an acting family.


Over 1,200 Twihards gathered at St. Louis Union Station this past Saturday for “Twilight Night,” a free event that included a screening of “New Moon” under the stars and a meet-and-greet with “Eclipse” star Jack Huston, before the release of the movie on June 30. Before the event, ALIVE sat down with this British hottie—who’s made a name for himself on stage and the big screen, appearing in films like “Shrink”, “Factory Girl” and the upcoming HBO show, “Board Walk Empire”—to talk vampires and his role as Rosalie’s ex-fiance Royce King in “Eclipse.”

ALIVE: Were you a fan of the books before you got the part of Royce King, Rosalie’s ex-fiancé, in Eclipse?
Jack Huston: No, I hadn’t read the books. But I had heard about them and the films. When I heard David Slade was directing this one, it suddenly caught my attention because I was a big fan of his work anyway. Once I got the part, I read all four books and watched the movies.

ALIVE: How long did it take you to read all four books?
JH: Not long actually. I’m an avid reader, so I go through a few books a week anyway. It took me about a week.

ALIVE: Beyond this movie, have you been a fan of the vampire and fantasy genre? Do you watch the current hit supernatural show “True Blood”?
JH: I didn’t really watch the first season, so no. I’m friends with Kate Bosworth who is now dating Alexander Skarsgard so I thought, “I should probably watch this,” so I started watching it, and man, it’s great. I’ve watched the new season [Season 3], and they’ve got werewolves now. It’s kind of cool.

: I don’t think you can have vampires in a supernatural story without werewolves.
JH: I know. [laughing] But I didn’t get to play a vampire in this movie, so maybe I’ll try to play a vampire in my next role. That’d be fun. I think I could play a good vampire.

ALIVE: If you did play a vampire, what power would you want?
JH: Seduction. [laughing] No, I don’t know. What would I do? Probably live forever. I think there are pros and cons to each one of them. I don’t like the drinking blood thing because when I see my own blood, I faint. The hypnosis—that’d be really cool. I’d get a lot more parts.

You have some famous acting blood in your family [Jack’s aunt is Anjelica Huston]. What inspired you to go into acting? Was it something you always enjoyed, or did you enter it later in life?
JH: It was weird because I grew up in England so I wasn’t influenced by the family. I was, for some reason, always drawn to the stage, theater initially. I was on stage very young—6 or 7— and in between school breaks I’d always be touring in theater companies and doing plays. I’ve always enjoyed playing characters, so I sort of fell into it, almost by mistake. It felt very natural. I think most of the family felt that way.

ALIVE: Let’s talk about your human role in this movie. How did you prepare to play such a serious role?
JH: I don’t know how much I could prepare for it… without beating someone. But no, to be honest, it’s one of those things that happens on set—I came on set, and got into the mind frame. I liked working Nikki Reed—she’s really good, and so we were like, “Let’s go for it. Let’s make this as real as possible.” We had a really good time, and she was amazing. David is really cool, he shoots around you and says to just have fun with it.

ALIVE: Have you seen the final cut?
JH: I did. I went to the premiere a couple days ago. It’s a really fun film. Of all the movies, this one has got the most action, the romance escalates all the way to top and it really works. It’s really nice with Jasper’s and Rosalie’s backstory. I think this is the best movie they’ve done so far.


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