Droughts with Benefits

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Thoughts commonly associated with the word “drought” are hardly positive. in the case of wine, however, drought can actually be a good thing. Missouri’s recent dry spell took a crushing toll on corn yields, but the conditions gave an advantage to those raising grape crops, in turn boosting sales in the wine industry. Chuck Gillentine, CEO of Chandler Hill Vineyards, says, “vines love to be stressed as the grapes become progressively flavorful—and nothing stresses them more than good, hot weather.” He explains that flavor forms when hot weather causes shrinkage in the grapes, resulting in higher sugar concentration. The less humidity there is, the better. So, the next time you’re lamenting the loss of your lawn, just pour yourself a glass of local wine and remember there’s a silver lining to every cloudless sky.


3007_1075.jpgChandler Hill Vineyards


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