Dropping a Love Bomb

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Local artist collective Civil Ape goes international.


With success display an array of design services and an already well-established line of men’s street gear under its belt, local artist collective Civil Ape is setting its sights higher than ever for its next endeavor. The brand’s new line of women’s tees is set to launch this fall, not only in the states, but also across the pond in the UK and Cape Town, South Africa.

Founded in 2010 by multimedia artist Lenard Blair and local hip-hop producer Damon Davis, Civil Ape has developed into a loose network of 12 creative minds, each contributing to an impressive résumé of artistic accomplishments in St. Louis and beyond. What the pair originally established as a means to support themselves as working artists has shown steady progress over the past three years, gaining momentum in 2012 with assistance from a Kickstarter campaign that helped them meet the rapidly increasing demand for their unique screen-printed tees.

Blair and Davis refer to the new collection as a “love bomb,” an idea that began with the goal to empower women, spread a message of love and encourage the use of clothing as a medium of self-expression. The designs feature powerful imagery, bold graphics, geometric shapes, landscapes and animals to represent the strong and sexy women who embody the brand. All of the art is original work by Blair and Davis, with images dyed directly into the fabric—so they won’t fade, crack or peel like traditional screenprinting.

The women’s line is set to release this month via the Civil Ape web store; it can also be found at local boutiques CLR-MNSTR and Ziezo. Next, it will launch at UK retailers including Learn and Live Haus, Project 722 and wholesale agency Twenty 10 London, as well as in the showroom of the Cape Town-based Boaston Society. For more information, visit civil-ape.com.









Photo credit: Jerrime Rodgers

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