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Three delicious ways to drink your dessert.


> Dessert drinks are deceptively simple. With the proliferation of sweetened spirits flooding the market in recent years, one would think that making a successful confectionary cocktail would be as simple as icing down some flavored vodka and calling it a day.

But, creating a tasty liquid confection isn’t about the sugary punch—it’s about the complexity and how all of the ingredients work together to produce a taste with depth as well as decadence. Savor these three takes on drinkable desserts, courtesy of some of the best sweets destinations in town.

The Tiramisu Tini

This enticing drink, on the menu at Cyrano’s Cafe in Webster Groves, utilizes flavored vodka as a base—in this case, Cupcake Vanilla Vodka. Delicate layers of flavor are built on top with judicious use of Frangelico, Kahlua and Godiva White Chocolate liqueurs to replicate the complex tastes of the famous Italian dessert. General nmanager Melissa Smith says the alcohol levels in then various spirits help keep this creation from being overly sweet or syrupy—a recipe for success.


The Fountain on Locust has been on the forefront of delectable adult libations in St. Louis since it opened in 2008. Owner Joy Grdnic has put together a menu that includes 28 different dessert drinks, along with a multitude of other ice cream and spirits pairings. Like the best classic cocktails, most of these tantalizing treats utilize just a few ingredients to achieve their desired delicious results. Wicked is the perfect example of this less-is-more philosophy. It features vodka, dark creme de cacao and Zanzibar chocolate ice cream, mixed shake-style for a creamy consistency. Simple, straightforward, delicious.

The Lana Turner

Blondie’s Coffee & Wine Bar has a full slate of hot and cold dessert drinks, most named after famous blondes, naturally. One of the most unique is The Lana Turner. The spirit that comes to mind for hot drinks is usually whiskey, but owner Kathleen McGowan built this creation on a foundation of Herradura Anejo Tequila. The smooth, barrel-aged tequila is mixed with Tuaca, an Italian liqueur flavored with vanilla and citrus, some hot chocolate and just a pinch of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. The drink is then topped with house-made whipped cream. The result has a little bit of bite and taste for miles.



The Tiramisu Tini at Cyrano’s Cafe

The Tiramisu Tini at Cyrano’s Cafe


Photo credit: Sara Swaty Roger

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