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An exclusive first look at the Fall 2012 collection of “Project Runways” popular “Barbie,” local fashion designer Laura Kathleen Planck.


While making everything by hand may sound like a sweet service, many emerging fashion designers have no choice; their labels are one-man—or -woman—operations, and they spend their days working tirelessly to produce pieces, with their sewing machine pedals to the metal. But, undoubtedly motivated by great momentum resulting from her stint as a fan-favored contestant on Season 9 of “Project Runway,” local designer Laura Kathleen Planck is braving exclusive territory: large-scale production, starting with her self-described “Bohemian-French” Fall 2012 collection. Composed of nine pieces, ranging from a t-shirt and a biker jacket to a cocktail dress and a floor-length gown, the luxe lineup—marked by prints she personally designed, with inspiration from the movie “Moulin Rouge”—is set to join her new Love Armour brass jewelry collection in stores next season.



Laura Kathleen Fall 2012 Collection


Laura Kathleen Fall 2012 Collection


Photo credit: Carmen Troesser

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