Downtown St. Louis, Inc. Grows the Creative Spirit in the Heart of STL

By Matt Sorrell
In Culture

For more than 50 years, Downtown St. Louis Inc. has served the St. Louis region, providing resources that foster growth and development in our urban core. In recent years, several renovation and restoration projects have reestablished Downtown as a hub of activity at the center of what’s happening in St. Louis. Some recently completed projects of note include the opening of the decades-vacant, completely restored Arcade Building and the innovative update to Luther Ely Smith Square, which now features the Park Over The Highway, allowing pedestrians easy access to the Arch grounds.


By supporting these and myriad other public and private projects, Downtown STL, Inc. delivers on its mission to be the catalyst for creating and promoting a downtown that attracts investment, economic activity and vibrancy. The organization works with an array of entities, large and small, including developers, retailers and entrepreneurs to make Downtown St. Louis a cleaner, safer and more inviting place for all.

Downtown STL, Inc. also provides support services for individuals who live, work or visit  through its management of the Downtown St. Louis Community Improvement District (CID). Among the most utilized resources provided by the CID are the Downtown CID Guides, a group of information ambassadors, and the Downtown Clean Team–a group of dedicated custodians who declutter and beautify the district. In 2015 alone, the guides logged more than 80,000 interactions with folks all across the downtown area and the Clean Team handled over 1,600 graffiti and hand bill removals.

In partnership with the City of St. Louis, Downtown STL, Inc. has also committed to improve public safety and visibility downtown. In 2016, the Light My STL project will seek to upgrade the existing “cobra” street lights with brighter, more efficient, programmable LED fixtures.

Through its Downtown Innovation District, Downtown STL, Inc. promotes the area as a vibrant business center that fosters innovation and entrepreneurism. The organization has committed to a renewed focus on growth with the goal of bringing 1,000 new companies and 10,000 new jobs to Downtown by 2025.

Across the globe, downtowns generally serve as urban creative centers, and Downtown STL, Inc. works to provide the connections and the infrastructure to maintain and grow that spirit in the heart of St. Louis.

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