DJ Scotty Dynamo Returns To St. Louis To Heat Up FIVE

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With over 17,000 Twitter followers and many of his Youtube videos ranking in at more than 200,000 views, it’s clear that DJ Scotty Dynamo knows how to entertain. With his often shirtless, energetic music videos, consistent stream of content and clear talent, this Toronto-born entertainer caught the eye of the team at The Vital VOICE and is back to perform again for them at FIVE: The Vital VOICE & St. Louis Effort for AIDS Anniversary Event on Jan. 24. We teamed up with The Vital VOICE to bring you a sneak peek into the life of a superstar-in-the-making; read an excerpt below and check out the full interview on The Vital VOICE.


Photo courtesy of Scotty Dynamo.

What can we expect from you at FIVE?
I feel like I’ve gotten better at DJing, making music and performing on stage since Queens in Space (The Vital VOICE party where Dynamo made an appearance). I feel I have a lot more to bring to the party. Plus, I feel FIVE overall will be a better party. It’ll obviously be a good time as always. It’s just a great start to 2015. A fun way to kick off the year.

“The Voice” star and Grammy nominee Frenchie Davis will also be making an appearance. Are you familiar with her work?
Yes, I think she’s awesome. She’s super talented and I can’t wait to meet and share the night with her. It’s going to be a great night.

FIVE is a historical milestone anniversary for both Vital VOICE and St. Louis Effort for AIDS. What is one of your most monumental/sentimental moments?
[Laughs] Oh my God, this is so hard. I would say headlining at one of the biggest night clubs in San Diego last year. That was a definitely a great experience and one of the biggest events I’ve ever done. Also, recently being asked by a few artists to write for them. Obviously I’m still working for bigger and more special things and hopefully they can be achieved this year.

Photo courtesy of Scotty Dynamo.

Photo courtesy of Scotty Dynamo.

Do you plan to check out any more of St. Louis during your stay this time?
For sure. I didn’t see much of the city except for a brief tour last time because I was there shortly after the riots took place. Hopefully this time around I’ll get the chance to experience the city a bit more. I love what I’ve seen. The people are really nice and I’m looking forward to party with them again.

Well hopefully it won’t be too cold for you to go shirtless. Winter here can be brutal!
[Laughs] I’m able to withstand pretty ridiculous temperatures. I have quite a bit of experience at this point, so I think we’ll be okay.

We’re sure you’re looking forward to FIVE as much as we are. Find out more information about the party online.

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