Discovery Channel Explores St. Louis Through 'Salvage City'

 In Culture

STL native Sam Coffey will be profiled on The Discovery Channel’s new reality series “Salvage City,” which was produced by our city’s own Coolfire Originals, as well No Coast Originals.

St. Louis is full of abandoned warehouses that were left to decay when industries fled the city. It became Coffey’s mission to salvage the heritage of the city by traveling to these worn-down buildings and leaving with treasures. He restores these magnificent and unlikely finds into historic art collectables and furniture. He then sells them at his Cherokee Street business, The Factory, therefore making some cash in the process.

Coffey and his team’s adventures through the city’s “Rust Belt boneyards” can be a dangerous activity—as they are breaking and entering into old buildings—as noted in the sneak peek. Some of the sites featured in the season will include an abandoned sand mine and a decaying burlesque theater.

Find out what historic gems this team of diggers can wrangle in the premiere this Sunday at 10am CST.


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