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Image courtesy of The Nest.

Image courtesy of The Nest.

The Nest—with the multi-faceted tagline, “a stay and play creative cafe”—combines a number of lifestyle trends that are far more than fads. A mecca for the mommy sect, The Nest is an upscale community center offering a happy and healthy alternative to Chuck E. Cheese, where parent and child can indulge in good food and plenty of fun.

From childcare and classes on trending parenting topics to chic showers and kids’ parties, The Nest offers a full line of family-focused amenities. But we, of course, are headed straight to the cafe, where executive chef Chris Vomund prepares a daily menu with an emphasis on delicious gluten-free fare.

With the most expansive gluten-free menu in the area (though the menu isn’t entirely gluten-free), The Nest’s appeal extends far beyond the county’s mommy class. From those with celiac disease to Paleo-enthusiasts, gluten-free eaters are flocking to Vomund’s dining room for breakfast, lunch, brunch and high tea.

Early-morning diners should get the sweet potato hash Benedict, served with a poached egg, chipotle hollandaise and grilled asparagus on gluten-free buns. Chicken and waffles is a popular dish at any meal, featuring chicken marinated in molasses and apple-cider vinegar and crusted with corn flakes piled on a gluten-free waffle dotted with delicious sage butter. (Say yes to the optional sriracha drizzle.)

The Tangled Thai Salad, our lunchtime favorite, features rice noodles tossed with almonds, ginger, garlic, red pepper, carrot, sesame and olive oils, and housemade cashew satay sauce on a bed of arugula and spinach. The salad is topped with Asian vinaigrette and zested cucumber “noodles.” The extensive kids’ menu features loads of healthy options served in kid-friendly form, and drinks include a number of coffee and tea drinks, fresh-pressed juices and smoothies and a small selection of wine and beer.

Whether you’re there for a yoga class, a bubbly book club, or the noteworthy health-focused fare, The Nest is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8am-6pm.

10440 German Blvd., Frontenac, 314.942.3521


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