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Image courtesy of Brandi Wills.

Image courtesy of Brandi Wills.

Earlier this year, restaurateur Bernie Lee relocated his popular Pan-Asian eatery Hiro Asian Kitchen from The Loop to Downtown West, bringing the bold and diverse flavors of regional Asian cuisines to the growing neighborhood. It has since become a notable dining option among the many offerings on Washington Avenue, boasting a menu of current “it” dishes such as ramen, bahn mi and kimchi anything alongside personal favorites from Lee’s own culinary past.

Take, for example, the South East Asia fried rice, made with tomato sauce and lap cheong (sausage). According to Lee, the recipe is inspired by his mother’s affinity for cooking with ketchup. (And ketchup is actually quite common in Asian cooking for the sweet-sour flavor it adds.) You’ll even find a riff on the St. Paul sandwich in the bahn mi section of the menu.

Perhaps some of the most notable dishes we’ve tried are the lobster rangoon, the Hiro ramen (wheat noodles and roasted pork belly in pork broth, pictured), panang bak kut (pork rib soup with dried shiitakes) and Taiwanese three-cup chicken. We also love Hiro’s neighborly business approach, offering a limited delivery menu to patrons of nearby Alpha Brewing Co. and partnering with Bailey’s Range to create signature ice cream flavors like keffir lime, coconut, roasted pineapple and ginger.

Beginning this month, the restaurant is extending its service to include a Sunday evening dinner series it’s calling Simple Sundays. Every Sunday from 5-9pm, the kitchen will offer a unique three-course, home-cooked menu served family-style for just $25 per person. Reservations can be made by calling 314.241.4476.

1405 Washington Ave., Downtown, 314.241.4476, 

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