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Lafayette Square kicked off the new year with the opening of the highly anticipated local grocery store, Fields Foods, on Jan. 4. Aimed at sustaining the St. Louis community as a whole, Fields is a full-service grocery that’s locally owned and operated with a strong focus in their role as a Sustainable Social Enterprise, which distinguishes them as both a for-profit and non-profit business. With over 150 local vendors currently carried, Fields hopes to further expand the organic and regional products offered in the near future.

Image courtesy of Fields Foods

Image courtesy of Fields Foods

Just because they stress their social purpose in the community does not mean Fields lacks any of the departments found at a more upscale food market. Walking through the store, there are vibrant displays of fresh produce mostly sourced from within a 300-mile radius, a butcher case offering free-range poultry and grass-fed beef, beautiful selections of fresh seafood and bakery cases filled with various breads and pastries that are all made in-house. A well-stocked salad bar along with a wide array of prepared foods provides lots of options for a quick lunch or no-fuss dinner. Everything from lemon orzo salad with kale to blackened tilapia can be boxed up to go from the display case, or pizzas and panini sandwiches can be quickly cooked to order in the brick oven.

On the other side of the store sits a bar where customers can pull up a stool and enjoy a pint of local craft beer or glass of Missouri wine. At Fields, there’s no need to rush your happy hour because guests are welcome to sip as they shop throughout the store—there’s even a convenient shelf for used glassware just before you exit.

Fields hopes to soon implement a personal shopper program through their customer service department. Though the details are still being determined, the idea is that guests could provide a list of groceries through the app DealieDo and an employee would gather the purchases. The service will be free, but will exclude items from the butcher shop and seafood counter.

Open 7am-10pm, 7 days a week. 1500 Lafayette Ave., 314.241.3276.

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