Designer Spotlight: Saks Fifth Avenue Honorary Designer Winner Hillary Lux

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Recent Washington University grad and Sam Fox Design School alumna Hillary Lux walked away with the exclusive Saks Fifth Avenue Honorary Designer Award at this year’s Sam Fox Fashion Design Show. We caught up with the designer on the eve of her move to New York City to snag the details about her inspiration, aesthetic and what’s next in fashion.

Designer Hillary Lux

Photo by Mary Butkus.

ALIVE: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Hillary Lux: I am really drawn to clean, simple lines. I tend to focus on using unique textiles that enhance a classic silhouette and bring it up to date.

ALIVE: What was your inspiration behind your most recent collection?

HL: With my most recent collection, I experimented with positive and negative space and drew inspiration from minimalistic architecture. Although difficult, I tried to be sure that each silhouette was wearable for a variety of body types. I also focused on making pieces that mix-and-match, allowing the customer to create an assortment of looks based on personal style preferences. For instance, one customer may pair the striped, collared shirt with the leather cutout skirt, but another customer may pair it with the striped pants to achieve more of a jumpsuit look.

Hillary Lux designs on mannequins

Photo courtesy of Hillary Lux.

ALIVE: What is the best part of starting your design career in St. Louis at the Sam Fox School?

HL: Washington University provided me with excellent resources – I know I can always call or e-mail many of my favorite professors should I need help in the future. I’ll certainly be calling my 3-D and pattern-making professors with many questions as I transition to New York. Their mentorship has been essential to my success.

ALIVE: As an up-and-comer, what do you think is next as far as the future of fashion?

HL: I hope it looks something like “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” but it seems as though sustainable fashion has a growing presence.

ALIVE: What are your plans as far as your design career post graduation?

HL: I am really excited to move to New York City in June and intern at Novis for a Sam Fox School alumna. I’ll be interning as well as freelancing while I look for a full-time job.

ALIVE: What is your ultimate career goal?

HL: I think everyone with a fashion degree has thought about having their own line but for now I’m just focusing on finding a job where I can build upon my in-class experience at Wash U, work creatively, and learn from those ahead of me to improve as a designer. It’s a really exciting time.

Interviewed by Sarah Stallmann for ALIVE Magazine.

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