Dear St. Louis

 In Culture

There’s no denying that the world we live in is changing rapidly. The way we interact, where we spend our time and how we experience stories is changing by the minute. Media has become increasingly vast and fast. And, in many cases, the human element is all but lost.

As these shifts began to take place, we started to ask ourselves: How can ALIVE make an impact in all of this? Every conference we attended, expert we met, and rule we read told us to slash our paper quality, sensationalize our stories and churn out more—fast. But deep down, we knew there had to be a better way. We just couldn’t accept that the reasons we went into media in the first place had all but disappeared or faded into the background.

So, we decided to trust our gut and say, “Screw the rules”—we’ve never been very good at following them anyway.

We sat together over countless dinners, coffees and happy hours with people we love and respect. We asked each other what kinds of stories were missing in our lives and what experiences would inspire us. We gathered our favorite books, poems and magazines; we cut things out and surrounded ourselves with collages and inspiration boards. And after several months of soul-searching, it became clear that in order to write this next chapter, our approach had to change.

So we’ve decided to do something crazy: slow down, make a big investment in our print quality and focus on developing new ways to tell the best stories we can.

We want to have the time and space for meaningful human connection. We want to invite more people into our conversations and content, and we want to become a better creative voice for this region. We want to be a place where the top writers and photographers can showcase their work in a beautiful way. And, we want to take on projects with brands we are passionate about and that we can truly champion, like the ones you’ll see in this issue.

But, I’m not writing this letter to tell you that we’ve arrived at our destination. I’m writing to tell you that we’ve begun a journey—and to invite you to join us. We have embarked on a path to explore how to slow down and make space for more thoughtful interactions and deliberate choices, and this issue is our first step. In the spring, you’ll see an enhanced digital experience on the new

St. Louis, we love you for your grit and glamour. We love your Midwestern charm, rich history and your relentless pursuit to find your path. You are our foundation, our inspiration and our reason to slow down, show up and give you our best work.


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