Dance the Vote: A Call to Action

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The arts are transformative. They challenge us, force us to question and drive us to act. In the midst of social and political tumult, they offer direction and display the power of human creativity.

In the midst of a tense election year, we may feel tempted to dismiss the value of our participation altogether. Our voices may seem inadequate in the face of the vitriol and injustice we witness. Rather than succumbing to feelings of powerlessness, several local artistic troupes have united to spur St. Louisans to action.

Photo courtesy of Ashleyliane Dance Company

Photo courtesy of Ashleyliane Dance Company

St. Louis is full of socially aware creatives who consistently challenge the status quo: That Uppity Theater Company has a history of speaking out on important political issues. Among many other projects, they have partnered with other local artists to remind us of the need for registration and participation.

Spearheaded by Artistic Director Joan Lipkin, That Uppity Theater Company has collaborated with local choreographers and dancers from Ashleyliane Dance Company, Karlovsky and Company Dance, Beyond Measure Dance Theater and the Afrokuumba Dancers and Inversion Dance Theater to bring “Dance the Vote” to St. Louis. Her previous work has drawn attention to underrepresented people groups and social issues. This synthesis of artistic mediums centers on one goal: an informed and active community.

“We are utilizing performance to call attention to a significant political and social issue,” says Lipkin. They emphasize the importance of voting and voter registration. Featured pieces will remind audience members of both the privilege and responsibility of democracy and the long road toward equal voting opportunity.

“Dance the Vote” features original performances from local dancers, poets, and activists. The kick-off performance on July 2 will be hosted at Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop. Performances take from 2-5pm and will occur multiple times within the three-hour time slot. Voter registration booths will also be available to all in attendance.

Future performances will be announced to the public and will also occur in conjunction with First Fridays at Grand Center. Come to experience a powerful intersection of art and life with “Dance the Vote.”


Vintage Vinyl

6610 Delmar Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63130

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