Dada Ball & Bash Style Files

 In Style

The Contemporary Art Museum held over 500 guests this weekend at one of its biggest events of the year, the Dada Ball and Bash. Known for it’s elaborate costumes and attire, Dada keeps even the most wardrobe savvy attendees on their toes. The party’s inspiration this past weekend came from CAM’s exhibit “Jeremy Deller: Joy in People.” The attire was “creative cockney”–and creative it certainly was. Check out our special edition of Dada Style Files below, and don’t forget to view the full gallery of Dada Ball & Bash party pics!

We loved this gentleman’s take on Jeremy Deller’s Battle of Orgreave (2001).

We couldn’t get enough of this hand-painted blazer! The woman wearing it said she had literally finished it just a couple days before the event.

We couldn’t have found a more Dada couple if we tried. His eclectic take on a tux combined with her sweet and feminine floral were absolutely flawless.

Nothing about this ensemble left us feeling blue. It’s vintage from head to toe, and we’re loving it.

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